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The Jaguars filed a motion Wednesday to dismiss former kicker Josh Lambo’s lawsuit, Daniel Kaplan of reports.

Kaplan obtained court documents that show the Jaguars allege Lambo did not follow up with the team after his agent reported then-coach Urban Meyer kicked and cursed at the kicker.

“Club’s legal counsel ‘acknowledged and responded immediately to the query made by Lambo’s agent,’” the motion reads, via Kaplan. “Plaintiff does not allege he or his agent ever responded to the inquiry made by Club’s legal counsel offering to follow up with Plaintiff, with Mr. Meyer and/or with Club management.”

The Jaguars maintain they can’t be sued for retaliation under the Florida Whistleblower Act because the club did not instruct Meyer to “assault” Lambo.

“Plaintiff’s case is predicated solely on the alleged criminal acts of Urban Meyer, not any policy, practice or activity of club,” the motion reads.

Lambo sued the team in May, contending he was physically and verbally abused by Meyer with his release after Week 6 a violation of the Florida Private Sector Whistleblower’s Act. He is seeking payment of his $3.5 million base salary for 2021, along with compensation for emotional distress.

Meyer allegedly kicked Lambo before a preseason game in August, saying to him, “Hey dipshit, making your f—ing kicks.” Lambo said he told Meyer never to do that again, and Meyer allegedly responded, “I’m the head ball coach; I’ll kick you whenever the f— I want.”

Meyer responded in a December statement, denying Lambo’s description of the incident.